People have been telling me for years to publish a book...well here it is! I call it DANCE MAGIC because that is the only way to explain the incredible feats of strength and beauty that dancers perform in front of my lenses... MAGIC!

Every photograph has a story behind it, and I am happy to share some of these stories with you. For the most part, DANCE MAGIC is a picture book which hopefully explains, in an entertaining way, some of the creativity that goes on during a photo shoot, with ideas flying as fast as a grande jete!

Some of the descriptions explain how many difficult and unusual photographs happened without the photographer resorting to post-shoot image manipulation..which these dancers didn't need.

There are two editions of DANCE MAGIC. The deluxe edition is physically larger and includes 40 more pages of my favorite pictures.

I hope you will enjoy DANCE MAGIC as much as I enjoyed working with these beautiful artists.

"The body says what words cannot"......... Martha Graham

"Lines and LEAPS" is filled with images that I made since the publication of my first book, "Dance Magic." Here, as Graham says, my dancers visually embrace two words, communicating with their bodies what would take paragraphs to explain verbally.

The title "Lines and LEAPS" has special meaning for me. Both words describe qualities and actions intrinsic to the world of dance. "Line" in ballet refers to the configuration of the dancer's body in motion or at rest.

I like to call a dancer's body a "beautiful instrument." Most dancers have been fine-tuning their instruments since they were young. They learned to play their instruments, resulting in visually harmonious or interesting relationships of the limbs, head and torso. Lines.

The word LEAPS is used instead of the ballet term, "jete." This is just to keep the alliteration going! The French word "jete" means "to throw," which is what dancers do-literally throwing themselves into the air. Capturing a magnificent leap at the height of its trajectory is one of the greatest thrills in dance photography.

I have organized this book with each 2 page spread, with a few exceptions, containing one image which focuses on a dancer's "Lines" and an image that is a "Leap." I have tried to pair the images so that there is some common relationship and beauty between the two.

I hope you will enjoy "Lines and LEAPS."